Drive Hammered…Get Nailed 2010

Drive Hammered …..Get Nailed !

Each year, the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety (GOHS) and law enforcement agencies throughout Arizona participate in DUI Task Force Operations to reduce the number and severity of crashes in which alcohol and/or drugs are contributing factors.  This is accomplished through continued zero tolerance enforcement during the holiday season.  All City has been a long-time sponsor and participant in these efforts. 

Other goals of this GOHS program are: to increase the statewide seat belt/child safety seat usage, to increase public information and education of the benefits of seat belt/child safety seat usage for adults and children and to achieve and maintain compliance with traffic laws such as aggressive driving, speeding and red light running.  This is done by combining the resources from multiple jurisdictions and focus enforcement activities in specific jurisdictional areas.

In 2010, the East Valley DUI Task Force (EVDUITF) was comprised of nearly 125 officers from local agencies.  They conducted saturation patrols in a different East Valley location each night the EVDUITF was operating.  Drivers found to be impaired by alcohol and/or drugs were arrested and transported to the command post for processing.  Additionally, the officers enforced the “ZERO TOLERANCE” policy toward underage drinkers.

The 2010 EVDUITF dedicated their efforts to the officers killed by alcohol and/or drug impaired drivers while in the line of duty.  To learn more about the statewide effort and statistics, click on the link below.

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