All City Towing Tempe

Mixing a super active college town, the average age of the residents and a high population density makes a perfect place for a lucrative towing Tempe business. The city of Tempe in central Arizona is town locked on all sides with two of the largest and most famous neighboring areas being Phoenix and Scottsdale. Although this town is approximately 5 miles wide and 8 miles long, it has a population of more than 175,000 people. All City Towing service Tempe can do a lot of business in this small area with little expense.

Home of the sprawling Arizona State University, Tempe has around-the-clock and around-the-calendar events keeping the action lively and the roadways clogged increasing the need for All City Towing Tempe. Arizona State University has over 50,000 students from 120 countries. Other local colleges, another stadium, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim spring training and special events like the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl, one of the nation’s largest New Year’s Eve parties, attract inhabitants from everywhere with many needing assistance from All City Towing Tempe. These people ready, willing and able to party, bring cars and work for tow companies Tempe.

As the average age of the residents is only 28.8, this city is an auto insurance companies dream. This youthful age group of drivers represents aggressive drivers with limited road experience who become acquainted with All City Towing Tempe. Lack of experience and educated judgment creates accidents and generates work for All City Towing Tempe.

A small area, many people and activities create great opportunity for mishaps, parking violations and towing company Tempe. Statistically more accidents happen in congested areas due to the amount of traffic, ongoing road construction and driver frustration. Although Tempe is located only 20 minutes from the state capital of Arizona and five minutes from the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, its major transportation system is the local freeways. As local statistics show, the average drivers commute 21.3 minutes to work every day, this calculates to 3.4 million minutes of commuting time daily and business for Towing Tempe.

Tempe is more than a college town. With a mild climate, central location and easy access by air or freeway to other major cities many companies call Tempe home and attract employees from around the world, keeping All City Towing Tempe busy. These major industries include the local educational system, Fortune 500 companies, US Airways corporate offices and major financial institutions. As the average household income is just over $48,000, most households own at least one vehicle that eventually needs aid from All City Towing Tempe.

Tow companies in Tempe, AZ stay busy between automobile thefts and accidents. Over 1000 automobiles are stolen and over 7000 accidents are reported every year. These accidents result in 13 fatalities, 2015 injuries and 5061 property damages.