All City Towing Phoenix

With a population of over 1.5 million residents in Phoenix, Arizona, it is no surprise that the Phoenix Towing business is a necessary and expected part of life. Geographically, the city covers almost 520 square miles of land, with 4,800 miles of that land used for city roadways. All City Towing will come to any of those 4,800 miles to tow your vehicle in case of an accident, breakdown, or any other vehicle problems you may face.

Any vehicle towing company must be educated about the city roadways, and All City Towing is no exception. For instance, while the number of traffic collisions and fatalities fluctuates from year to year, there has been a noticeable decrease in the amount of accidents within the past decade. This is due in part to regularly improving road conditions and to the traffic safety education that has become more abundant throughout the State of Arizona. While these statistics are a cause for joy, All City Towing services Phoenix continually, even as the numbers go down.

Most city accidents tend to occur in the earliest part of the year, culminating in an April or May high then winding down until December or January of the next year.  Although Arizona is a notoriously dry state, the spring and early summer showers here can still cause unfocused motorists a lot of trouble on the slick roads. In the mid to late summer, although the accident rate is generally much lower than in the beginning of the year, dust storms can reduce visibility to the point that driving becomes almost impossible, and often drivers who are going too fast run off the road before they have even realized it has ended. All City Towing in Phoenix is prepared for these eventualities and always has the workers and equipment ready to pick up stranded motorists.

One of the most regrettable types of accident is one, which involves a drunk driver. While DUI arrests have been declining drastically over the past ten years, drunk driver accidents still occur all over Phoenix. There is no definable pattern to what times of the year they occur, so towing companies need to be equipped to handle these catastrophes at any time. The twenty-first century started with over 9,000 DUI arrests in the city and certainly just as many drunk drivers that were not caught and by 2008, the number had decreased to just over 6,000 arrests. The numbers are still dropping, but alcohol-related accidents and fatalities still happen and need to be taken care of with just as much proficiency as any other accident.

While the necessity of towing companies may be unfortunate, in times of car crashes or other accidents you want a tow service that acts with speed, friendliness, and professionalism.  You want a company that knows the area, the traffic trends, and the people.  All City Towing Phoenix will provide all that at a reasonable price and with the expertise and expertise that comes with over twenty-five years of experience.