All City Towing Peoria

Peoria is a major suburb that is located in Phoenix, Arizona. According to the latest Census Bureau estimates, the population of the city is 142,024. Presently, it is the ninth largest city in Arizona in terms of population and the fourth largest city in terms of land area.

To this day, Peoria continues to have considerable economic growth among Arizona cities. Moreover, Peoria has gained a world-class cultural and educational destination, which is the Challenger Space Center of Arizona. Today, North Peoria is where most of the city’s growth is coming from. Peoria’s street system is largely based on Phoenix’s traditional grid system, where the orientation of most roads is east west or north south. The zero point in Peoria is located in Washington Street and downtown Phoenix at Central Avenue. In terms of traffic, the major arterial streets are strategically spaced one mile apart.

Because of this expansion of urban thoroughfares and the rapid growth of urbanization, it cannot be helped that tow truck companies have also sprouted all across Peoria. A tow service company, after all, is a great help to most motorists and vehicle owners who might be experiencing traffic discomforts every once in a while. However, in the event that you might actually need the assistance of a vehicle towing company, you are faced with the prospect of choosing from among several companies, since admittedly; there are numerous towing companies that exist right now. Because of this, you really ought to choose the best vehicle towing company that is in the State of Arizona today. In doing this, you have to at least be aware of the different towing companies that are in the area.

All City Towing Peoria started off as a two truck operation, but it has considerably grown in number. In fact, this towing company right now has over 37 towing vehicles, and it is even widely reputed to be the most popular Peoria towing company. This exponential growth is largely due to All City’s strategic acquisition of one of Arizona’s largest towing companies in the past. This singular purchase allowed All City Towing to considerably expand its private and commercial impound towing business. It also presented numerous opportunities to partner up with certain Arizona municipalities, as well as with other various governmental agencies.

A large reason for All City Towing’s success as a formidable towing company lies in the fact that it offers numerous service benefits to Arizona motorists. Relative to other towing companies, All City Towing buys cars, it offers roadside assistance and it does private property impounds. This towing company also does heavy duty recovery, accident recovery, heavy duty transport, vehicle auction services, and computer automated dispatches. Not many towing companies offer these services, but All City Towing has been offering these services to Arizona residents ever since it was first established.

Another reason why All City Towing is considered one of the best towing ccompanies right now is that it has developed one of the best training and recruiting policies in the towing business. Through a rigid selection process, prospective tow truck operators are selected from current employee referrals, as well through direct hiring from newspaper and internet ads. All interested candidates for All City Towing Peoria are then invited to submit an application for consideration, where both the General Manager and the Transportation Manager personally interview the qualified candidates. Those who will be successful are then required to submit a proper license and they should all be fully compliant with Arizona’s towing rules and regulations.

Moreover, ACT is the only towing company that has several branches all across the Arizona state. In fact, it services Phoenix, Mesa, Glendale, Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert, Scottsdale, and of course Peoria. This exponential expansion of its scope of operations is a tangible proof that ACT is widely considered an authority when it comes to the towing industry, since it is clearly the best Peoria towing company in Arizona right now.