About Us

Leaders In Arizona Towing

All City Towing has been a leader in the Arizona towing industry for over 25 years. . We offer a full spectrum of towing transport and storage services for the motoring public and commercial transportation businesses. Services include but are not limited to the following:  Passenger vehicle towing, commercial towing, commercial transport, emergency recovery, accident towing and heavy duty towing and transport. We specialize in heavy duty recovery and have invested heavily in equipment to manage motorhomes, buses, tractor trailers, construction equipment and other large commercial vehicles. Big or small, we move it all.

Our Arizona Towing Fleet

Our state-of-the-art towing fleet presently contains over 50 pieces of specialized towing equipment.  This allows us to service small and large customers with the same amount of care.  We currently operate five storage facilities strategically located throughout the valley – Chandler, Phoenix, Mesa and Tempe.   Our dispatch office is manned 24/7, meaning you will never receive an answering machine when you call for service.  We have invested well over $1M dollars into technology – from dispatch equipment, touch to talk communications devices, 2-way radios, CAD systems, specialized towing software  and mobile data terminals in the trucks.  We are committed to being the most efficient and technologically-advanced towing company in Arizona.

Raising The Bar For Towing Companies in Arizona

All City Towing is in the business of changing the way people think of the Arizona towing industry. Our fleet contains state-of-the-art equipment, which is able to tow or transport just about anything on the road. We make every effort to respond quickly and safely, while still focusing on the safety of the motoring public in mind. We spare no expense when it comes to the safety of the vehicles for which we are responsible. All of our storage facilities have an inside waiting area for customers. Each yard possesses, 24-hour surveillance cameras, high-density lighting and security fencing. These are just a few of the ways All City Towing strives to maintain its’ position as a leader in vehicle management solutions industry.

We are fully licensed, permitted, bonded and insured.  Our customers depend on All City to respond quickly, to respond safely, and to provide professional service and reasonable pricing on a moments notice.

Our staff contains some of the foremost experts in industry.  Our drivers are continually trained on the proper way to tow and transport within our ever-changing industry.  Our safety programs ensure both your vehicle and our drivers arrive safely and without incident.